Let’s bring all tools to the table – your ideas for your business & my expertise at drawing them together – to make a brand you can weave into your work to make it memorable & alive.

Branding Approach

There are many elements you will bring to a branding session:

  • stories
  • icons or symbols
  • how you see your business relating to others
  • what audience (most likely buyers) you want to reach
  • a personality or vibe uniquely yours
  • adjectives and unique offerings that describe your business
  • a philosophy of why you’re in business

My job is to draw these out and help you knit them together to make a brand that sings this song to the world, & makes it memorable in the minds of the people you want to serve. We’ll spend a day – perhaps two – and discuss, diagram & craft together – to bring you an identity that is uniquely yours.

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Branding Results

When we’ve finished crafting your brand, you’ll have an entire package to insert into your printed materials, your product packaging, your public speaking, trade show, webpage . . . all across the board. I’ll deliver a Style Book to you that captures your memorable phrases, mission statement, colors and typeface. It will recite your brand story and even give a flavor to how you handle customers or speak in social media.

Branding Cost

The branding exercise is conducted with just your team – not a roomful of like-businesses, because branding is pretty personal stuff!

Sometimes branding work is putting the finishing touches on messaging & style that can be completed in a day.  Sometimes it’s a longer process that includes drawing out adjectives, descriptors, a mission statement, creating personas and crafting a true identity. The cost for a one to two day branding exercise ranges from $1,450 to $2,500, depending on how many people are participating and how many days we’ll engage.

Note: This process does not include logo creation.

Tari was exactly what we were looking for {to develop the Sip 47 brand}. She managed to walk the line between artist and professional, [and] she brought our project together and gave it a life we had never expected. What was once only a dream is now a reality and we could not have done it without her.

~ Kristin Marchesi, General Manager, Montinore Vineyards

Tari has helped us get to know who we are, what we have to offer, how we are different AND she stuck with us to the finish line. I commend Tari for finishing the race with us and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

~ Nina Pace, Anindor Vineyards

Identity Design & Cost
My logo design is priced separately from the Branding package, and I hesitate to design without seeing a brand in place. In a hurry for a logo? Don’t be, but don’t delay your business launch, either. Use a lettered logo while you take the time to make just the perfect mark.

My approach to design is to have a good look and discussion about your brand, and draft three designs based on your direction and feedback. You may make three rounds of changes to ONE design.

Logo design ranges from $500 to 900.

Identity Design Results

Results of our work will be a logo in several file formats to use in print, black and white and web resolution that speaks your brand succinctly, along with a style sheet that illustrates your typography in various sizes, that typography in conjunction with your logo, and details for chosen colors for print and web.