Hey! Happy to show your wine product in its best light!
Here’s the deal if you are outside the North Willamette Valley, Oregon:

  1. Complete the Reservation Form
  2. Ship your wine to this address: 7341 SW 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97219  (We understand about weather-friendly shipping dates)
  3. Prepare a return shipping label if you want the wine returned (We will work with you on a weather-friendly return date)
  4. Review your images and pay the invoice
  5. Download your images (you may specify size)

Inside the North Willamette? We can discuss or you can send your instructions in the Comments box.

hint: 2-for-1 is #TWOFER
A minimum of 3 bottles is required for a styled shoot.
What is the approximate date you will want your wines photographed?
When shall we arrange pickup?