Remy Drabkin

Winemaker | City Councilor, Housing Advocate

“I believe if you are going to do something, do it well or don’t do it at all.  I apply that in my winemaking, how I run my business, in my family, and on my work as a City Councilor where I chair the Affordable Housing Task Force and serve on the Housing for Homeless committee.  I am a doer and that’s what I expect from my website, that it will do its job and enable people to find the tasting room, purchase wine, share information about events, and of course join our wine club!”

Remy was raised around Oregon’s Pioneer winemakers, she knew she wanted to be a winemaker by the time she was eight years old and she made that dream a reality at 25. She bucked trends by focusing on Italian varietals alongside the traditional pinot noir production.

This has been a busy year for our winemaker: being featured in an independent film about minority winemakers, featured in articles about women winemakers, and reviews of Italian wines in the Pacific Northwest.

What Remy wants most to do is to excel in everything she sets her mind to, be it parenting, advocating for housing equality in her community, and yes, making wine.

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