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let’s chat

I’m not a fan of boxes, including a way to contact me. I want to have an honest conversation with you from the beginning.
Write me from the heart, because the heart is where we will start to build our relationship for better design, illustration, etc.

Let’s decide timeframe. I take on about 6 projects a year, so it will take some planning by both of us to see when would be a seasonal time to work together.

Please write to me at info(at)grace-studio.net and tell me your thoughts about where you are in your business {beginning, middle, revamp}, and what your branding, project, or visual / visual design is in need of.

You might want to include {tell me a story}:

Your name, website link, contact information.

  How you started or inherited your business and how long ago. What you love about what you are bringing to the world.
        {sounds kind of woo-woo, but you’d be surprised how it uncovers your dreams & motivations}


 What is your budget? This will determine what we can do in at least the first phase of our work together.


 Anything else you want to include, knowing that when we meet face-to-face or virtually, these will be ferreted out.


This is a great starting place for a conversation – plan to have more.
This is not magic – it is work for both of us. And I am willing to go there with you.

info (at) grace-studio.net


san Miguel cross

Branding, photography & design is a delicious bunch of goodness & we’ll be working closely together.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit:

:: you are deeply invested in your business’ success

:: you have a deep appreciation for design & its role in your branding strategy

:: you get the whole branding thing & how it is essential to your business success

:: you know what you know & what you don’t know, when to speak & when to listen

:: you try very hard to make timely decisions so the work can progress

:: your finances are in order for this project so the work can progress