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Website Design

This gallery is being updated with more visuals and details that may just apply to what you’re looking for, for your site!

Girardet Wine

This website was adapted from my designed Epicure theme, and integrated a shopping cart/POS system from Orderport.

Remy Wines

A great example of what can be accomplished in a one-page site.

Dumas Station

Dumas Station sells wine and club memberships through their site.


Privé Vineyard sells wine to members only, through a discrete login to see pricing.

Veritas School

The Veritas site is a ‘deep site’ with three layers of navigation. The sidebar menus help the user find their way.

Museum of the City

The Museum is a site that holds hundreds of users for individual posting of their article on city features, art and issues.

Website Themes

These are custom themes, designed to be downloaded and filled with your own content.

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This theme aims to give caterers and venue sites a place to show off their talent!


The Epicure theme is for food artisans, food bloggers, and supports both blog and recipe formats.