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This is me, Tari, who would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, who loves new ideas & inspiring design. I really enjoy immersing myself in your work & its challenges, so I can best understand what is needed to bring what you do to the marketplace in a fresh & inspiring way. For me it is a constant growing experience, & that makes me a better storyteller.

As a photographer for 20 years, I see my work as an aggregate approach to bringing a product or service to light in a way that gets buyers interested & excited about the story you tell & what you have to offer.

As a designer & branding agent since 2007, my chief aim in working with you is to craft a brand that resonates with you first, and then speaks to the audience you’re building. . .  across all platforms so it’s a consistent presence everywhere. Everything speaks design to me: nature, magazine layouts, film.

Off-duty, I spread my arms wide in Central Oregon & its out-of-doors, & shoot photos of nature collections. I’m cooking & shooting my way through the 45 cookbooks I own, & spoil my dogs with hikes and water sports.

Branding/Lifestyle | Vineyard & Farm | Editorial  | Product,  Food & Wine