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It’s my earnest endeavor that we work together to create a brand, visual or website that illustrates how you feel about your brand on the inside to the world on the outside.

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The essence of your business is your brand, & it’s best if it’s decided by you & not a marketing agency. The Workshop we offer walks you through the elements of branding – lets you decide how you want to present yourself, your company.



Visual Design

Let’s make postcards, folio covers, booklets, ads, rack cards. Your collateral should consistently reflect your brand & your message. Same look & feel, same voice.



More visual design, this time in capturing a nuance, an expression, a live action – something for the viewer to experience. Something that shows the essence of your brand. We should work together on this – your ideas, my talent.


Web Design

Open, responsive, interactive. The marketing that is always on, always reaching out. Our web design projects incorporate your brand & make your business sing its song to the marketplace.


Since 2003, Tari Donohue has worked with a variety of clients to help them illustrate their brand & give them a voice in the marketplace.  A stickler for branding, this thread weaves its way through all her client-facing work: print design, photography, web design.

When she’s not hunched over a computer, she enjoys shooting stills for indie films and playing with water in any form: snow, lake, ocean.

She earned her degree in Telecommunications Management in 1999 & holds certifictari photographingates in Digital Marketing Strategy and Interactive Media Production from Portland State University.

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